Bookish Candle Companies

This is a list of all of the bookish candle companies I currently know of (some my not be bookish but I added them anyway because they’re cool!). If you click on the company name, it will take you to their website. I will also put a link to their Instagram. I will do my best to put what country each candle company is based in! There are 130 and they are alphabetized. Happy Adventuring!

Ready? Here we go.

  1. A Bookish Flickering Netherland IG: @abookishflickering
  2. A Court of Candles USA IG: @acourtofcandles
  3. Alchemy and Ink USA IG: @alchemyandink 
  4. Angry Hare Co. USA IG: @angryhareco
  5. Anvil Creek Co. Australia IG: @anvilcreekco
  6. Aroma Australia IG: @aromaaustralia
  7. Ash and Ax USA IG: @ashandax
  8. Beccas Little Boutique Canada IG: @beccaslittleboutique
  9. Belle and Co. USA IG: @belleandcocandlemakers
  10. Biblio Flames USA IG: @biblioflames
  11. Black Castle Candles USA IG: @blackcastlecandles
  12. Book and Nook UK IG: @bookandnookshop
  13. Bookish Burns UK IG: @bookishburns
  14. Bookish Dragon Candle Co. USA IG: @bookishdragoncandleco
  15. Books Heart Candles Germany IG: @books.heart.candles
  16. Bookworm Candles UK IG: @bookwormcandles
  17. Briar Wick USA IG: @briarwick
  18. Bubble and Geek USA IG: @bubbleandgeek
  19. Burning Bright Library USA IG: @burningbrightlibrary
  20. Burning Fiction UK IG: @burning_fiction
  21. Burning Pages Candles Australia IG: @burningpagescandles
  22. Candles by Kaelyn USA IG: @candlesbykaelyn
  23. Canterbury Road Co. USA IG: @canterburyroadco
  24. Castle of Fables UK IG: @castleoffables
  25. Cauldron Candle Co. USA IG: @cauldroncandleco
  26. Cherry Pit Crafts USA IG: @cherrypitcrafts
  27. Cool Yeti Creations USA IG: @coolyeticreations
  28. Cornerfolds Candles USA IG: @cornerfoldscandles
  29. Cozy Candles USA IG: @cozycandles17
  30. Cozy Corner Candles Italy IG: @cozycornercandles
  31. Diamond Elm Candles USA IG: @diamondelmcandles
  32. Dio Candle Co. USA IG: @diocandleco
  33. Faerie Tales Creations New Zealand IG: @faerietalescandles
  34. Fandom Flames USA IG: @fandom_flames
  35. Fatty Katze Boutique USA IG: @fattykatzeboutique
  36. Firefly Candle Company USA IG: @fireflycandlecompany
  37. Fireside Candles USA IG: @firesidecandles
  38. Flick the Wick USA IG: @flickthewick
  39. Flickerink UK IG: @flickerinkuk
  40. Flickering Books New Zealand IG: @flickeringbooks
  41. Flickering Fandoms USA IG: @flickeringfandoms
  42. Flickering Tales USA IG: @flickeringtales
  43. Floating Starlights USA IG: @floatingstarlights
  44. Form and Flux Australia IG: @formandflux
  45. Fragranced Fandoms USA IG: @fragrancedfandoms
  46. Fragrant Fables Australia IG: @fragrantfables
  47. Frankly Fictional Australia IG: @franklyfictional
  48. Frost Beard USA IG: @frostbeardmpls
  49. Geeky Clean UK IG: @geekyclean
  50. Geeky Girl Scents USA IG: @geekygirlscents
  51. Geeky Splendors USA IG: @geekysplendors
  52. Good Book Hunting UK IG: @gbhcandles
  53. Greenwood Candles USA IG: @greenwoodcandles
  54. Half Oak Candles USA IG: @halfoakcandles
  55. Handmade Gardner Magic USA IG: @handmadegardnermagic
  56. Happy Piranha UK IG: @happypiranha
  57. Hearth and Hammer USA IG: @hearthandhammer
  58. HereForevermore USA IG: @hereforevermore
  59. Highland Bluff Studio USA IG: @highlandbluffstudio
  60. Icey Designs USA IG: @_iceydesigns
  61. In the Wick of Time USA IG: @inthewickoftime
  62. Inner Hugs Soy Candles Germany IG: @innerhugs.soycandles
  63. Jewel Within USA IG: @jewelwithin
  64. Kalopsia Candles USA IG: @kalopsiacandles
  65. Kandelalin Candle Indonesia IG:
  66. Kitsch Candle USA IG: @kitschcandle
  67. Kool and Co. Australia IG: @koolandco
  68. Kozy Korner Boutique Australia IG: @kozy,korner
  69. Lemon Cakes Candle Co. USA IG: @lemoncakescandleco
  70. Library Lights Canada IG: @librarylights
  71. Lights Camera Candles1 UK IG: @lights_camera_candles
  72. Literary Light USA IG: @literarylight
  73. Little Crow Candles USA IG: @littlecrowcandles
  74. Lumen and Lather USA IG: @lumenandlather
  75. Luna Love USA IG: @lunalovebycorinna
  76. Lunar Bazaar USA IG: @lunarbazaarcandles
  77. MLC Co. USA IG: @mlc_co
  78. Moon Wick Candle Co. USA IG: @moonwickcandleco
  79. Nerdie Nifties USA IG: @nerdienifties
  80. Nerd Wicks Candles USA IG: @nerdwickscandles
  81. North Ave. Candles USA IG: @northavecandles
  82. Novel Heartbeat Creations USA IG: @novelheartbeatcreations
  83. Novel Scents and Co. Australia IG: @novelscentsandco
  84. Novelly Yours USA IG: @novellyyours
  85. Nox to Lumos Candle Co. USA IG: @noxtolumoscandleco
  86. Other Eras USA IG: @othererascandles
  87. Owl and Bone USA IG: @owlandbone
  88. Paper Flames Candle Co. UK IG: @paperflamescandleco 
  89. Paperly and Co. USA IG: @paperlyandco
  90. Pink Cloud Candles USA IG: @pinkcloudcandles
  91. Potions Candle Co. Australia IG: @potionscandleco
  92. Pret A Geek UK IG: @pretageek
  93. Purple Peacock Candles USA IG: @purplepeacockcandles
  94. Reverie Library USA IG: @reverielibrary
  95. Salt and Sea Candle Co. USA IG: @saltandseacandleco
  96. Scent Pop Candles USA IG: @scentpopcandles
  97. Scented Novels UK IG: @scentednovels
  98. Sequoia Crafting Co. USA IG: @sequoiacraftingco
  99. Sleeping Cat Candles USA IG: @sleepingcatcandles
  100. Sonnet and Fable UK IG: @sonnetandfable
  101. Spidey Scents USA IG: @spideyscents
  102. Spireside USA IG: @spireside
  103. Stellettes Soy Candles Germany IG: @stellettes_soycandles
  104. Stub Tail Candle Co. USA IG: @stubtailcandleco
  105. Sugar and Geek USA IG: @sugarandgeek
  106. Swan Creek Candle Co. USA IG: @swancreekcandleco
  107. Tea and Thistle USA IG: @teaandthistle
  108. The Biblio Factory USA IG: @thebibliofactory
  109. The Bookish Flame USA IG: @thebookishflame
  110. The Burning Bookshop USA IG: @theburningbookshop
  111. The Candle Caffe USA IG: @thecandlecaffe
  112. The Candle Crate USA IG: @thecandlecrate
  113. The Leaky Candle USA IG: @theleakycandle
  114. The Melting Library USA IG: @themeltinglibrary
  115. The Midnight Wick USA IG: @themidnightwick
  116. The Monthly Burn USA IG: @themonthlyburn
  117. Three Knocks Candles USA IG: @threeknockscandles
  118. Tookish Candle Co. USA IG: @tookishcandleco
  119. Two Candle Thieves UK IG: @twocandlethieves
  120. Wanderlights Candle Co. Canada IG: @wanderlightscandleco
  121. Wax Wits USA IG: @waxwits
  122. Waxspurts USA IG: @waxspurts
  123. Whiskey Diamond Candle USA IG: @whiskeydiamondcandle
  124. Whispering Flames India IG: @whisperingflames
  125. Wick and Fable USA IG: @wickandfable
  126. Wick by Wick Australia IG: @wickbywick
  127. Wick Worms USA IG: @wickworms
  128. Wicky Wicky Candle Co. USA IG: @wickywickycandleco
  129. Wild Flower Wicks USA IG: @wildflowerwicks
  130. Written in Wax Co. USA IG: @writteninwaxco

Let me know your favorite candle companies in the comments! I’d love to discover more!

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