Page Habit April Fantasy Review


Page Habit April Fantasy Box


This is my second ever Page Habit Box and I really enjoyed it! This box is geared toward a practical reader. Most other book boxes are geared toward bookstagram / collectable type reader. With Page Habit, you get items that you can actually use while reading and that are helpful. My personal presence is a bookstagram box because I enjoy the trinkets that come with it! Now, with that being said, I DO like Page Habit! My favorite part is that they donate books to a third world country every month! This month was Burundi, Africa!

Here’s a look at what was inside April’s Box:

The book was The Wolf by Leo Carew. I have actually read and enjoyed this book already but I had it in Kindle form so was happy to receive a physical copy! It came with an Authors note as well as the book being annotated! I enjoyed going back through and reading his thoughts on certain scenes throughout the book! You can find my review here.

A Pencil with a cute cat eraser 

Four page stickies to make your own short annotations

A bookmark with a quote from Victor Hugo

Socks with “books” on them

A double sided poem card

A reading light that clips onto your book

These are really fun boxes. The biggest draw for me is that each book comes annotated and that the company donates books to different countries. I would recommend for the practical reader! You can order Page Habit boxes here.



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