Starlit Review (Spoiler Free)



Author: S.K. Levy

Publisher: Australian e-book Publisher

My Rating: 5 Stars

I am absolutely blown away by this book. I feel weird calling it a book. It felt like it was a life being told. I know that sounds crazy because it’s a fantasy book, but this is THE BEST writing of anxiety/ depression/ PTSD I have ever read. I am going to get personal in this review so bear with me!

I, like many people, suffer from anxiety. I have also had PPD. So reading about characters who need counseling and then the way they handle what they are going through, meant a lot to me. There is one part of therapy that I use a lot, and that is my mind place. The idea is that you build a happy, safe environment in your mind and go there whenever you feel anxious, depressed, alone, ect.. So when Levy wrote that into the book I freaked out and was like, “OMG I do that! I have a mind escape!!” Now, with that being said, I am about to say something that a lot of people will HATE me for and some parts of the world hunt me for. I am a Christian. I am not saying that to preach or whatever I am saying that because it is the core of who I am. But guess what? I don’t pretend that life is perfect and that I don’t suffer from horrible things. Christ is at the center of my being. But I am still human and need help. So, whether you are Christian or not, make a mind-scape and go there! I promise it works!

So, back to this gorgeousness of a book. The character progression is like a 5 course meal. You get a little taste, then a little more, then by the end you are so full and happy! Although I’m not happy is anywhere close to the right word for the ending! Thanks a lot, Sam! I don’t cry about books. But I cried FOUR FREAKING TIMES! The heck?!

Levy’s writing is absolutely beautiful! The way she describes places is enchanting! I want to see a Reigntime village! And see the creatures! Levy is so imaginative!

I also love Lexie and Jamie’s friendship! It’s quite beautiful and it goes to show that you can love someone without being IN love with them. Girl with girl, guy with guy, girl with guy. Just saying. Not everyone has to be in love.

Final Thoughts

Read this book if you love fantasy but also love a deep emotional story. I really want to see and get to know more Myall because as of right now he’s actually my least favorite character, but only because I feel like I don’t know him as well as everyone else now! I think this series is very unique and I really enjoyed the Australian lingo and landscape! I need the third book right now because I am telling you right now the ending hurts like your leg got cut off and you aren’t allowed pain killers and it’s just sitting there festering. 

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I have loved reading ever since I can remember. As a child, I often heard the words, "Please put down your book for one second!" That still hasn't changed as an adult! I am always reading at least two books and I will always have one on me!

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