Manon Blackbeak Cosplay [Horror October]

Back in August, a couple of friends and I did a bookish character cosplay photo shoot. Now, I was not in any of the photos, I wanted them for my Bookstagram. So far I have only released one photo, and that is of Feyre, which you can find HERE. This next one I want to release is of Manon Blackbeak! I thought it is appropriate since it is Halloween, it’s bookish, it’s for Novel Hearbeat Horror October, Kingdom of Ash just came out, AND she’s a witch.

Manon Blackbeak

Sabrina 2-Final

This is one of my friends, Sabrina. She’s like, extremely fit and I knew she’d make the perfect Manon! Also, the background is Photoshop-ed. I really want to get good at Photoshop so I can make epic photo manipulations! I will link down below where you can find the elements to this costume. The swords are my friends which she got a ren fair, so I just linked some that I think would be super cool for Manon. Also, I went ahead and linked her Iron Nails, even though you can’t see them in this photo.

Here’s the details (unashamedly linking the products to my Amazon Influencer store):

Red Cloak

Twin short swords / daggers

Wig (I styled the wig in the photo.)

“Iron” Nails

Pair with black jeans, a black shirt, and black boots!

I have more photos I want to release. More of Manon (and with Abraxos!), more Feyre, and I’ve got a few Nina Zenik and Nina with Matthias!

What do y’all think of my cosplay?

Happy Adventuring


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