The Wanderlust Book Tag

I came across this tag while searching for fun book tags to do for some filler in between book reviews! This was created by Reading by Starlight!

The Rules:

  • Mention the creator of the tag and link back to original post [Alexandra @ Reading by Starlight]
  • Thank the blogger who tagged you
  • Answer the 10 questions below using any genre
  • Tag 5+ friends

The Questions:

Secrets and Lies: A book set in a sleepy small town

Gray Wolf Island

This sleepy town is slow going and so cute! Until you realize the shocking secrets Gray Wolf Island hides. I don’t normally like Magical Realism but I really enjoyed this one. And there are most definitely secrets and lies!!

2. Salt and Sand: A book with a beach-side community

A Dangerous Collaboration

I’m stretching this one a little because this book did take place on an island and there are a few beach scenes but the main characters are not from there.

3. Here there be dragons: A book with a voyage on the high seas

Ship of Magic

I am currently obsessed with this series. I am so close to being done with the first book! This entire series basically takes place on magic ships. So yeah, this fits this promt perfectly!

4. Tread lightly: A book set down a murky river or a jungle

The Sandcastle Empire

I LOVE Kayla Olson! She, to me, is a classic storyteller. This whole book takes place in a mysterious jungle on an island in the middle of nowhere!

5. Frozen wastes: A book with a frost bitten atmosphere

White Stag

A really unique take on goblins! And it’s basically winter and cold throughout the whole book. I loved this book!

6. The boonies: A book with ruff or isolated terrain

Spin the Dawn

This one is out July 9! I was lucky enough to read this one through NetGalley! Even thought the first part takes place in the Palace, the last part takes place in very rough terrain! And different types too!

7. Hinterlands and cowboys: a book with a western-esque setting

Gunslinger Girl

I tried to keep this list to books I have read but I drew a complete blank for this one! At least this is on my TBR! It says it’s a cross between Katniss and Annie Oakley! I kind of want to read this right now! There’s not a lot of western retellings! Someone write another!

8. Look lively: a book set across sweeping desert sands

Empire of Sands

Another book I loved! This one is completely in the desert! One of my favorite underrated books!

9. Wild and untamed: a book set the the heart of the woods


This whole book is set in a forest. One of the best series of all time, just saying. This is the second book!

10. Wildest dreams: a whimsical book shrouded in magic


This whole series is whimsical and magical!! Another one of my favorites!

This was such a fun tag! I don’t really have anyone to tag, so if you see this, consider yourself tagged! Also, feel free to tag me in any book tags too!

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    1. Yay! I haven’t met very many who have read Robin Hobb! Even though she’s super popular! Haha! And yeeeesss! Spin the Dawn is SO good!

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