How to Kill a Dragon (Heir of Dragons, #1) by J. A. Culican | Spoiler Free Review

Publisher: Indie

Publication Date: April 29, 2021

Genre: YA Fantasy

Adventure Rating: 3.5 Stars

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The dragons are gathering, which can only mean one thing. Death.

Minx, a royal Fae has been tasked with saving her people. Problem is, the only way to do that is by slaying a dragon and bringing their hide back to Paddling Grounds. The magic that resides inside dragons is strong and without it her people will die.

Except Minx has never slayed a dragon, she hasn’t even ever seen one, but she knows where to find them. With help from her Faelyr, half fae and half tiger companion, Minx sets out to Talon Range.

Kaleb, the dragon heir to the Pyra clan isn’t looking for war. But then again no one has ever asked him what he wants. He has a duty and he will do whatever is needed to keep his people safe. Even if that means taking on the darkness himself.

When Kaleb and Minx come face to face, a battle erupts. Neither are giving up, neither will fail. Until they realize they share a common enemy and only together can they defeat them.

With a pull between them that is strictly forbidden, Minx and Kaleb find they are on their own and time is running out.

A fae, a dragon and a war neither are prepared for. The end of both species is near and only they can save each other.

How to Kill a Dragon is the first book in the Heir of Dragons trilogy by USA Today Bestselling Author J.A. Culican. Full of dark magic, dragon shifters and forbidden romance. Fans of Jennifer L. Armetrout and Sarah J. Maas will love this new epic fantasy romance with a dose of dragon riding and magic bonding.


Today I will be taking you through the few places mentioned in this world and introducing you to some interesting characters and creatures. While the creation (writing) of this world was not my cup of tea, I know many will enjoy it here, as there is a lot to discover, even if the author of this world is usually a middle grade author and it shows here. Nothing bad about that of course, just if you were expecting a more epic fantasy world, this isn’t it. And the big bad didn’t make me feel like it was intense. However, the world itself and what is going on there is fascinating!


Today I am showing you around the world of a Fae and a Dragon Shifter. Through the Fae dwelling, Pandling Grounds, we will see tree houses built into the sides and on the branches of old, wise trees. They celebrate all things nature here so make sure you kick back and relax and maybe visit the mysterious Lake they let no one near…

Next we will go to a largely human dwelling place called Karn. This mismatched mix up of a city is home to mostly humans but plenty of other creatures come here to trade in legal and illegal goods. Perhaps you may find a Faelyr and have a connection with it. Be careful you don’t get lost in this twisty city, you might end up somewhere dark…

The Talon Range. Home to the Dragon Shifters. This beautiful place set into the mountain side is where the Pyro clan holds council meetings, lives, and practices drills. The stonework is absolutely incredible thanks to the Kurgs, creatures who work in these mountains that have a knack for carving beautiful stone.


There are a host of creatures you will see on your journey. Faelyr, Wuff, Plurn, Krah, Kurgs are just to name a few! Each have fae ancestry mixed with different animal heritage to give them unique features. There is also the mysterious race of Dark Fae that play with dark magic and the makings of things. Then of course there are the Fae and Dragon Shifters!


While we are on our journey we will run into a few interesting characters. Our main female character, Minx, is a headstrong Fae Dragon Hunter. She is deadly with a bow. But she also has healing magic that can get you out of a pinch, say, if you are beat up, have arrows slice through you, or are poisoned. She and her Faelyr, Minx (think white tiger), have such a strong connection that they can speak telepathically. Minx and her Fae people have prejudices that run deep against the Dragon Shifters. It will be interesting to watch that unfold when she meets the handsome dragon shifter, Kaleb.

Kaleb is a strong, kind Dragon Shifter from the pyro clan. When he and Minx clash (literally), sparks fly… (*wink*). A bit of insta-love here but again, it’s more like Middle Grade- not in a bad way. We watch them as they form a tentative alliance once they figure out they have a mutual enemy- an evil army.

As you adventure, be careful to not run into Valry, a crazed fae/ fox hybrid bent on destruction. OR Torrent an evil mage that may or not be the big bad of this world.

If you run into Alla, and she trusts you with a few secrets, help her and befriend her. Poor woman.

Published by Storied Adventures

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