Ink, Iron, and Glass (Spoiler Free)


Author: Gwendolyn Clare

Publisher: Macmillan/Imprint

Publication Date: Feb. 20, 2018

Find Synopsis Here

My Rating: 4 Stars

Ink, Iron, and Glass was a really unique adventure ride that I wish I could take again for the first time! Steampunk set in late 19th century Italy is a really fresh take on the genre, in my opinion. There are scriptologists who can write whole new worlds into existence. Think about every book you’ve ever read. Now, if a scriptologist wrote it, you could travel inside that world!! How freaking awesome is that?! There are also mechanics who can build crazy inventions that defy their time. And there are alchemists who can mix up a potion (or antidote…) on the spot. Very interesting stuff to read about, y’all!

Elsa, a scriptologist, was a really engaging character to read about. She had the most character growth going from a major loner who didn’t need anyone in the beginning of the book, to relying on a few trusted individuals who earned it. I enjoyed reading how all four of the characters came together and solved their problems together. There is a part in the book where they go to a labyrinth and each person adds something important in solving it. It kind of reminded me of The Infernal Devices trilogy a little bit because of the group camaraderie and steampunk feel.

I gave this book 4 stars because it was such a fun read, however there were a few things stopping me from giving it 5 stars. I thought that the romance felt a little forced. There wasn’t a lot of chemistry there. I also feel like I won’t re-read this book. It didn’t stay in my head and I moved on really easily to my next book.

All in all, I thought this was a really fun read. It had everything I love in a story; romance, a BA heroin, good world building, and a plot twist that hurts.

Happy Adventuring! 


Sightwitch Preview (Spoiler Free)


Synopsis Here

Title: Sightwitch

Author: Susan Dennard

Publisher: Tor Teen

My Rating: 4 Stars (May change once I read the full book.)

*I got an e-arc preview excerpt from Net Galley in exchange for an honest review.

I just know Susan Dennard has done it again. Tear my heart to pieces. I would give anything to get my hands on the full book right now!

Ryber is such a fun character to read about. I really relate to her rule following. I like that she’s different than most characters you read about most days. She’s calm, collected and follows the rules. I’m dying to know how her journey will change her. And I’m dying to know how she and Kullen fall in love!! I’m also very interested in The Rook and hope we get more of his story.

I am enjoying the way the book is told through journal entries and other clippings. It’s very unique and adds a different element to the story telling. Can’t wait to read more!!

Happy Adventuring!

The Hazel Wood (Spoiler Free)

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“Look until the leaves turn red, sew the worlds up with thread. If your journey’s left undone, fear the rising of the sun.” – The Hazel Wood

Title: The Hazel Wood

Author: Melissa Albert

Publisher: Flatiron Books

My Rating: 3 Stars

I received an e-arc from Net Galley in exchange for an honest review.

Find Synopsis Here

A dark otherworldly tale that sucks you so deep into its universe that you can’t come out. Seriously, every time I had to stop reading this book I had a really hard time coming back into reality. The bump in the night. That shadow on the wall. Is there something there? It was something about Albert’s writing that I couldn’t tear my body from the story. The world building is crazy good, plus it has a very unique plot. Her writing is some of the most magical that I have seen in a very long time!

I rated this book 3 stars for a few different reasons. The story itself, while being magical, was very depressing. I know it was advertised as a dark fairy tale, but wow, it was twisted and full of crazy murderous happenings. I had a really hard time going to sleep after reading this one! Not gonna lie, I found it thoroughly creepy. It just wasn’t my flavor. As well as the main character, Alice, whom I hated. She was extremely angry and really mean. I wanted to punch her so many times. And it got annoying that almost every page mentioned how angry she was. Okay, we get it. I really don’t mean to bash on her, because you understand her anger about 60% of the way through the book. So, really it’s the last half of the book that got most of the stars.

All in all, I would recommend this to anyone who likes dark, twisted, there are no good guys, fairy tales. Like I mentioned before, the writing is deeply moving and there are some major twists and turns that take you for a grand ol’ ride! 

Happy Adventuring!

A Treacherous Curse (Spoiler Free)

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“She regarded him and counted only the damage; I saw only the places where he had stitched himself back together. What repelled her was to me the greatest part of him. Every mark that his suffering had left upon him was a must monument to his strength, the inhuman courage that had caused him to reject death and degradation and every evil with which he had consoled himself on the long journey back from his destruction. He had walked through hellfire and back again and she saw only the scorch marks whilst I saw the phoenix.” – A Treacherous Curse

Title: A Treacherous Curse

Author: Deanna Raybourn

Publisher: Berkley

My Rating: 5 Stars

*Synopsis taken from Goodreads*

“London, 1888.

As colorful and unfettered as the butterflies she collects, Victorian adventuress Veronica Speedwell can’t resist the allure of an exotic mystery—particularly one involving her enigmatic colleague, Stoker. His former expedition partner has vanished from an archaeological dig with a priceless diadem unearthed from the newly discovered tomb of an Egyptian princess. This disappearance is just the latest in a string of unfortunate events that have plagued the controversial expedition, and rumors abound that the curse of the vengeful princess has been unleashed as the shadowy figure of Anubis himself stalks the streets of London.

But the perils of an ancient curse are not the only challenges Veronica must face as sordid details and malevolent enemies emerge from Stoker’s past. Caught in a tangle of conspiracies and threats—and thrust into the public eye by an enterprising new foe—Veronica must separate facts from fantasy to unravel a web of duplicity that threatens to cost Stoker everything. . . .”

Deanna Raybourn is a masterful storyteller. She weaves a tale so intriguing that you feel as the characters feel. You hurt when they hurt. You are happy when they are happy. Just read again the quote from above! How moving!

One of my favorite things about the third book in this series is the character development. Veronica especially. She starts off this whole shebang as a one woman show. She slowly starts to melt until this third book where she becomes a puddle of emotion, in a good way. Her outer shell starts to crack when she finally decides to let someone in. And that someone is Stoker.

Oh Stoker. I’m thinking about making him a book boyfriend. I adore him to pieces. You get a lot more of his backstory and it just makes you feel for him! And the strength and courage he has is amazing. Why can’t all men be like this? (For the record, I have a man like this. They are just rare. :P)

And can we talk about the plot?! Sweet Abraham’s mother this was good. This was my favorite out of all the books because, in my opinion, it has the best story line. A supposed curse from Egypt, a man masquerading as Anubis, a few murders, AND Stoker’s backstory. Um, yes please.

So, I gave this book 5 stars. However, there was one thing I didn’t like. There is a suicide in this book. I didn’t like that. I don’t like reading about suicide. It’s dark and depressing and I think it’s one of if not the worst way to die.

All in all, I’m still in love with this series. The writing, the characters, the story, all of it just speaks to me. I highly recommend this series to anyone who likes historical mysteries!

Happy Adventuring!


Blood and Sand (Spoiler Free Review)

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“‘Spartacus was a Thracian from the nomadic tribes and not only had a great spirit and great physical strength, but was much more than one would expect…’ Plutarch of Chaeronea, AD 100” 

Title: Blood and Sand

Author: C.V. Wyk

Publisher: Tor Teen

My Rating: 4 Stars

*Synopsis taken from Goodreads*

“Roma Victrix. The Republic of Rome is on a relentless march to create an empire―an empire built on the backs of the conquered, brought back to Rome as slaves.

Attia was once destined to rule as the queen and swordmaiden of Thrace, the greatest warrior kingdom the world had seen since Sparta. Now she is a slave, given to Xanthus, the Champion of Rome, as a sign of his master’s favor. Enslaved as a child, Xanthus is the preeminent gladiator of his generation.

Against all odds, Attia and Xanthus form a tentative bond. A bond that will spark a rebellion. A rebellion that threatens to bring the Roman Republic to its end―and gives rise to the legend of Spartacus…”

*I got a copy from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review! Thank you!*

Sweet mother of Caesar what a grand adventure this book was! It had action, adventure, romance, and a butt kicking heroine who takes a licking and keeps on kicking! (I seriously want to learn her crazy moves.) I loved Attia. I thought she was the perfect amount of feisty while still maintaining a gentleness. Just look at her relationship with Rory, who is a six year old child. Six year olds are crazy and wild and a lot to handle! Attia managed her caretaker duties flawlessly in one scene and then maim some dude in the next! She was everything I imagine a warrior princess should be! She is by far my favorite character I’ve read about in a long time!

And can we talk about Xanthus?! He is basically the worlds best gladiator! He was the perfect calm to her storm. Don’t get me wrong, he also knows a million ways to kill a guy, but he does it all with a stoic demeanor. I adore his tortured soul.

Now, the reason I gave this book 4 stars was because I felt as though the romance moved too quickly and didn’t make a smooth transition. At one point, they didn’t trust each other at all, then a day later they were best friends. It was just a little too choppy. And y’all remember that I only give a book 5 stars if I am going to re-read it. I don’t feel as though this was that type of book for me.

Overall:  I found this book to be HIGHLY entertaining with a unique plot! I would recommend this to anyone who loves Roman culture, adventure type, YA, historical fiction. Also, the ending is brutal and I need Fire and Ash RIGHT NOW!

Bookish Candle Companies

This is a list of all of the bookish candle companies I currently know of (some my not be bookish but I added them anyway because they’re cool!). If you click on the company name, it will take you to their website. I will also put a link to their Instagram. I will do my best to put what country each candle company is based in! There are 130 and they are alphabetized. Happy Adventuring!

Ready? Here we go.

  1. A Bookish Flickering Netherland IG: @abookishflickering
  2. A Court of Candles USA IG: @acourtofcandles
  3. Alchemy and Ink USA IG: @alchemyandink 
  4. Angry Hare Co. USA IG: @angryhareco
  5. Anvil Creek Co. Australia IG: @anvilcreekco
  6. Aroma Australia IG: @aromaaustralia
  7. Ash and Ax USA IG: @ashandax
  8. Beccas Little Boutique Canada IG: @beccaslittleboutique
  9. Belle and Co. USA IG: @belleandcocandlemakers
  10. Biblio Flames USA IG: @biblioflames
  11. Black Castle Candles USA IG: @blackcastlecandles
  12. Book and Nook UK IG: @bookandnookshop
  13. Bookish Burns UK IG: @bookishburns
  14. Bookish Dragon Candle Co. USA IG: @bookishdragoncandleco
  15. Books Heart Candles Germany IG: @books.heart.candles
  16. Bookworm Candles UK IG: @bookwormcandles
  17. Briar Wick USA IG: @briarwick
  18. Bubble and Geek USA IG: @bubbleandgeek
  19. Burning Bright Library USA IG: @burningbrightlibrary
  20. Burning Fiction UK IG: @burning_fiction
  21. Burning Pages Candles Australia IG: @burningpagescandles
  22. Candles by Kaelyn USA IG: @candlesbykaelyn
  23. Canterbury Road Co. USA IG: @canterburyroadco
  24. Castle of Fables UK IG: @castleoffables
  25. Cauldron Candle Co. USA IG: @cauldroncandleco
  26. Cherry Pit Crafts USA IG: @cherrypitcrafts
  27. Cool Yeti Creations USA IG: @coolyeticreations
  28. Cornerfolds Candles USA IG: @cornerfoldscandles
  29. Cozy Candles USA IG: @cozycandles17
  30. Cozy Corner Candles Italy IG: @cozycornercandles
  31. Diamond Elm Candles USA IG: @diamondelmcandles
  32. Dio Candle Co. USA IG: @diocandleco
  33. Faerie Tales Creations New Zealand IG: @faerietalescandles
  34. Fandom Flames USA IG: @fandom_flames
  35. Fatty Katze Boutique USA IG: @fattykatzeboutique
  36. Firefly Candle Company USA IG: @fireflycandlecompany
  37. Fireside Candles USA IG: @firesidecandles
  38. Flick the Wick USA IG: @flickthewick
  39. Flickerink UK IG: @flickerinkuk
  40. Flickering Books New Zealand IG: @flickeringbooks
  41. Flickering Fandoms USA IG: @flickeringfandoms
  42. Flickering Tales USA IG: @flickeringtales
  43. Floating Starlights USA IG: @floatingstarlights
  44. Form and Flux Australia IG: @formandflux
  45. Fragranced Fandoms USA IG: @fragrancedfandoms
  46. Fragrant Fables Australia IG: @fragrantfables
  47. Frankly Fictional Australia IG: @franklyfictional
  48. Frost Beard USA IG: @frostbeardmpls
  49. Geeky Clean UK IG: @geekyclean
  50. Geeky Girl Scents USA IG: @geekygirlscents
  51. Geeky Splendors USA IG: @geekysplendors
  52. Good Book Hunting UK IG: @gbhcandles
  53. Greenwood Candles USA IG: @greenwoodcandles
  54. Half Oak Candles USA IG: @halfoakcandles
  55. Handmade Gardner Magic USA IG: @handmadegardnermagic
  56. Happy Piranha UK IG: @happypiranha
  57. Hearth and Hammer USA IG: @hearthandhammer
  58. HereForevermore USA IG: @hereforevermore
  59. Highland Bluff Studio USA IG: @highlandbluffstudio
  60. Icey Designs USA IG: @_iceydesigns
  61. In the Wick of Time USA IG: @inthewickoftime
  62. Inner Hugs Soy Candles Germany IG: @innerhugs.soycandles
  63. Jewel Within USA IG: @jewelwithin
  64. Kalopsia Candles USA IG: @kalopsiacandles
  65. Kandelalin Candle Indonesia IG:
  66. Kitsch Candle USA IG: @kitschcandle
  67. Kool and Co. Australia IG: @koolandco
  68. Kozy Korner Boutique Australia IG: @kozy,korner
  69. Lemon Cakes Candle Co. USA IG: @lemoncakescandleco
  70. Library Lights Canada IG: @librarylights
  71. Lights Camera Candles1 UK IG: @lights_camera_candles
  72. Literary Light USA IG: @literarylight
  73. Little Crow Candles USA IG: @littlecrowcandles
  74. Lumen and Lather USA IG: @lumenandlather
  75. Luna Love USA IG: @lunalovebycorinna
  76. Lunar Bazaar USA IG: @lunarbazaarcandles
  77. MLC Co. USA IG: @mlc_co
  78. Moon Wick Candle Co. USA IG: @moonwickcandleco
  79. Nerdie Nifties USA IG: @nerdienifties
  80. Nerd Wicks Candles USA IG: @nerdwickscandles
  81. North Ave. Candles USA IG: @northavecandles
  82. Novel Heartbeat Creations USA IG: @novelheartbeatcreations
  83. Novel Scents and Co. Australia IG: @novelscentsandco
  84. Novelly Yours USA IG: @novellyyours
  85. Nox to Lumos Candle Co. USA IG: @noxtolumoscandleco
  86. Other Eras USA IG: @othererascandles
  87. Owl and Bone USA IG: @owlandbone
  88. Paper Flames Candle Co. UK IG: @paperflamescandleco 
  89. Paperly and Co. USA IG: @paperlyandco
  90. Pink Cloud Candles USA IG: @pinkcloudcandles
  91. Potions Candle Co. Australia IG: @potionscandleco
  92. Pret A Geek UK IG: @pretageek
  93. Purple Peacock Candles USA IG: @purplepeacockcandles
  94. Reverie Library USA IG: @reverielibrary
  95. Salt and Sea Candle Co. USA IG: @saltandseacandleco
  96. Scent Pop Candles USA IG: @scentpopcandles
  97. Scented Novels UK IG: @scentednovels
  98. Sequoia Crafting Co. USA IG: @sequoiacraftingco
  99. Sleeping Cat Candles USA IG: @sleepingcatcandles
  100. Sonnet and Fable UK IG: @sonnetandfable
  101. Spidey Scents USA IG: @spideyscents
  102. Spireside USA IG: @spireside
  103. Stellettes Soy Candles Germany IG: @stellettes_soycandles
  104. Stub Tail Candle Co. USA IG: @stubtailcandleco
  105. Sugar and Geek USA IG: @sugarandgeek
  106. Swan Creek Candle Co. USA IG: @swancreekcandleco
  107. Tea and Thistle USA IG: @teaandthistle
  108. The Biblio Factory USA IG: @thebibliofactory
  109. The Bookish Flame USA IG: @thebookishflame
  110. The Burning Bookshop USA IG: @theburningbookshop
  111. The Candle Caffe USA IG: @thecandlecaffe
  112. The Candle Crate USA IG: @thecandlecrate
  113. The Leaky Candle USA IG: @theleakycandle
  114. The Melting Library USA IG: @themeltinglibrary
  115. The Midnight Wick USA IG: @themidnightwick
  116. The Monthly Burn USA IG: @themonthlyburn
  117. Three Knocks Candles USA IG: @threeknockscandles
  118. Tookish Candle Co. USA IG: @tookishcandleco
  119. Two Candle Thieves UK IG: @twocandlethieves
  120. Wanderlights Candle Co. Canada IG: @wanderlightscandleco
  121. Wax Wits USA IG: @waxwits
  122. Waxspurts USA IG: @waxspurts
  123. Whiskey Diamond Candle USA IG: @whiskeydiamondcandle
  124. Whispering Flames India IG: @whisperingflames
  125. Wick and Fable USA IG: @wickandfable
  126. Wick by Wick Australia IG: @wickbywick
  127. Wick Worms USA IG: @wickworms
  128. Wicky Wicky Candle Co. USA IG: @wickywickycandleco
  129. Wild Flower Wicks USA IG: @wildflowerwicks
  130. Written in Wax Co. USA IG: @writteninwaxco

Let me know your favorite candle companies in the comments! I’d love to discover more!

Spoiler Free Review of Melody’s Key

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“Everyone has problems, honey. Everyone. The question is can you love each other knowing full well that there is an imperfect human being staring right back at you.”  

Book: Melody’s Key

Author: Dallas Coryell

Publisher: AsherRain Publications

Type: New Adult Contemporary Romance 

My Rating: 3/5 Stars

Description taken from Goodreads:

Tegan Lockwood’s dreams were dead, sacrificed on the noble altar of duty before they ever had a chance to live. Her entire existence was disappearing into the abyss of apathy as she labored her days away keeping her family’s struggling business alive. There would be no emotion, no color, no beauty in her life. That is, until a mysterious visitor begins to draw her out of the darkness of her past towards something that will challenge the boundaries of her world, and unlock the most deeply held secrets of her heart.

Let’s get into this adventure starting with the good stuff.  I thought it was a really cute love story. I couldn’t help but think of a Hallmark movie when I was reading it. Not in a bad way (I love Hallmark movies) but just in the way that it was cheesy but a feel good story.

I thought that the characters were relatable in the sense that they handled their problems like a normal person. Which means they handled them badly but then they crawled out of despair and kept living on. It happens to everyone. I really liked Tegan’s personality. She  sacrificed going to art school to stay and help her parents company. I liked Mason enough. He seemed like a nice guy but some of his lines were just super cheesy. Now, let me tell you, my favorite characters were Tegan’s parents. I thought they were hilarious and great parents (with the exception of Tegan’s younger sister, who was 16 and got drunk a lot, had a lot of sex, and dressed very scandalously… What the heck parents?) Anyways, I loved them. Tegan’s dad was the one who said the quote above.

Unfortunately there were things I didn’t like. For one, the writing was overly flowery and had too many adverbs. In other places, the book would just jump to a different scene. It wasn’t a smooth transition. I had to try and figure out what was going on and then just keep reading. Another thing was, Mason’s lines were way too cheesy at some points and made me roll my eyes. I get it, he’s a musician, but come on man! Speak normally! I also didn’t like that he took her to an EDM show (love that music but it’s where they were in the building) but he took her to the VIP lounge where they were offered drugs and people to have sex with. She was clearly uncomfortable but he was just like I don’t do those things but it’s normal for this industry. Um, okay, so like, why are you there?! Then they got completely plastered and called it a great night! Wow. You probably don’t even remember that night… So yeah, there were a few things I didn’t like.

My takeaway:

Cute, cheesy, contemporary romance that I liked overall.


My Top 10 2018 Book Releases

There are so many great books coming out in 2018! I am dying to get my hands on quite a few! One of my reading goals this year is to read one new release book each month. So, without further ado… The books!

(Each photo will take you to the book on Goodreads)

A Traitor's Game        Brightly Burning

A Reaper at the Gates       The Hazel Wood

A Court of Frost and Starlight       Sky in the Deep

Rage       Obsidio

Legendary       Furyborn

Honorable Mentions:

This Splintered Silence by Kayla Olson (It doesn’t have a cover yet, which is why it isn’t shown. But trust me, this book is in my top 10. She’s an auto-buy author for me!)

Throne of Glass #7 by Sarah J. Maas (No cover and no title yet! The anticipation is killing me!)

A Treacherous Curse by Deanna Raybourn (I had an ARC of this and was reading it until it expired on my phone. 😦 So I am very excited to have this one!)

I have 59, 2018 releases listed on my Goodreads under the shelf ‘2018’ if you want to check it out! What are some of your most anticipated releases??

A Perilous Undertaking (Spoiler Free)

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“Instead he was offering up his own tragedies to spare mine. It was an act of true generosity.”

A Perilous Undertaking (Book two of the Veronica Speedwell series)

Author: Deanna Raybourn

Publisher: Berkley

My Rating: 5 Stars

Synopsis from Goodreads:

London, 1887. At the Curiosity Club, a ladies-only establishment for daring and intrepid women, Victorian adventuress Veronica Speedwell meets the mysterious Lady Sundridge, who begs her to take on an impossible task–saving society art patron Miles Ramsforth from execution. Ramsforth, accused of the brutal murder of his mistress, Artemisia, will face the hangman’s noose in a week’s time if the real killer is not found.

But Lady Sundridge is not all that she seems, and unmasking her true identity is only the first of many secrets Veronica must uncover. Together with her natural-historian colleague, Stoker, Veronica races against time to find the true murderer. From a Bohemian artists’ colony to a royal palace to a subterranean grotto with a decadent history, the investigation proves to be a very perilous undertaking indeed….

Unique. Plucky. Victorian. Mysterious. Strong Heroine / Hero duo.

Y’all, I am in love with this series. No joke. I find it to be a refreshing fun read that keeps you up at night because you just want to keep reading! Raybourn continues to excite in book two. We start out with Veronica and Stoker exasperated with each other while he is trying to teach her to throw knives. Their chemistry is to die for. She mainly messes with him because he is very attractive while angry. But alas, she does not dally with English men. Too close to home. But oh, how I want them together. And they want it too. The tension is real. I need these characters together!

Okay moving on from romance schmo-mance. (Just kidding. You know you love it.) Let’s talk character development. Raybourn did an excellent job digging more into each characters pasts without giving away all of their secrets. I’m still dying to know what exactly happened to Stoker in the Amazon and I’m dying to know more about a certain thing Veronica talked about towards the end of the book. This author does an excellent job keeping me on my toes about the characters. Not necessarily the mystery.

Don’t get me wrong, the mystery is fun, but it’s very light hearted. It’s not any deep twisted thing  or even a surprise where you have a “gasp!” moment. It’s more like an, “oh, that makes sense,” type of thing. There are plenty of suspects, but the mystery is more in the details. Ex: Veronica and Stoker get threats and it’s hard to guess where they come from. Or at one point they get a mysterious key and you really don’t know who that’s from until the end of the book. I actually think it’s brilliant and fun!

My Takeaway:

If you like victorian mysteries, and strong, mouthy heroines, you will freaking love these books. I found myself laughing out loud multiple times and squealing whenever the characters had a moment. I truly enjoy this series and am very happy that, so far, each book is different, while still being one cohesive story.

Thank you for reading! Please feel free to leave a comment down below! I’d love to know what you thought about this book!

A Curious Beginning

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“I have known enough women to understand they are as duplicitous and vicious as men. If they are capable of being our equals in malice, why not in our better qualities as well? There are no masculine virtues, Veronica. And none sacred to women either. We are all of us just people, and most badly flawed ones at that.”

Mysterious. Captivating. Witty.

Synopsis from Goodreads with honest, spoiler free review to follow:

London, 1887. After burying her spinster aunt, orphaned Veronica Speedwell is free to resume her world travels in pursuit of scientific inquiry—and the occasional romantic dalliance. As familiar with hunting butterflies as with fending off admirers, Veronica intends to embark upon the journey of a lifetime.

But fate has other plans when Veronica thwarts her own attempted abduction with the help of an enigmatic German baron, who offers her sanctuary in the care of his friend Stoker, a reclusive and bad-tempered natural historian. But before the baron can reveal what he knows of the plot against her, he is found murdered—leaving Veronica and Stoker on the run from an elusive assailant as wary partners in search of the villainous truth.

Author of A Curious Beginning: Deanna Raybourn

*5 Stars*

I thoroughly enjoyed this book. It was enchanting and downright hilarious at times. I loved the repertoire between Veronica and Stoker. I thought they made a delightful pair! Raybourn did a wonderful job of Stoker being the strong masculine man, protector type, with also giving him a good, strong view of women. I fell as though authors fail at that. Many of them make their men too overbearing or too “roll over and pet my tummy”. I seriously loved how Raybourn portrayed Stoker. I feel as though he is a good man that any young man can look up to in literature and well as any women to look for in a husband. I am dying to know Stoker’s back story!

Now, on to the heroine, Veronica Speedwell. I thought she was downright hilarious. She had the best comebacks!

“Should I be in distress? In a meadow? You mean if the cows organize some sort of attack? I have extensive experience with cows. They almost never do that.”

I laughed out loud, by myself, reading her sarcasm! I think it’s hilarious that she finds most people unintelligent. And often times, she lets them know too! I like how Raybourn made her a courageous woman who never wants to marry nor have children. I quite like that in a young women, because then they go through their adventures and eventually find out that the greatest adventure is being a wife and motherhood. (Trust me. ;)) I’m not saying it is for every woman (everyone has their own unique adventure), but I find that most women find this to be true. I’d be interested to see if Veronica would change her mind for the right person… (please oh please oh please let them be together!!!)

I think the only “snag” if you could call it that, is that the ending was a bit predictable. I guessed a lot of things throughout the book. However, it was such a fun read, that I let it slide.

My overall impression:

If you like historical mysteries this is a great, fun read! And I’m completely hooked! Also, let me end with how drool worthy the cover is!