The 7 1/2 Deaths of Evelyn Hardcastle by Stuart Turton – Spoiler Free Review

Publisher: Raven Books Publication Date: February 8, 2018 Genre: Historical Mystery with a Sci-fi element Adventure Rating: 5 Stars (Or a million) | Amazon I 100% recommend this book to anyone who loves smart, clever mysteries. I reminded me a bit of Inception or Shutter Island! Inception because of the plots within plots within plots,Continue reading “The 7 1/2 Deaths of Evelyn Hardcastle by Stuart Turton – Spoiler Free Review”

Courting Darkness Review [Spoiler Free]

Author: Robin LaFevers Publisher: HMH Books for Young Readers Publication Date: February 5, 2019 Genre: Fantasy, Historical Fiction, YA My Rating: 3 Stars Amazon   “Death wasn’t the end, it was only the beginning… Sybella has always been the darkest of Death’s daughters, trained at the convent of Saint Mortain to serve as his justice.Continue reading “Courting Darkness Review [Spoiler Free]”

The 48 Review (Spoiler Free)

Author: Donna Hosie Publisher: Holiday House Publication Date: September 4, 2018 Genre: YA, Historical Fiction My Rating: 3 Stars Amazon I received a copy of this book from Storygram Tours. My post on Instagram for this will be on September 2, and there will be a giveaway!    Story. I was really looking forward to time traveling,Continue reading “The 48 Review (Spoiler Free)”

Ink, Iron, and Glass (Spoiler Free)

Author: Gwendolyn Clare Publisher: Macmillan/Imprint Publication Date: Feb. 20, 2018 Find Synopsis Here My Rating: 4 Stars Ink, Iron, and Glass was a really unique adventure ride that I wish I could take again for the first time! Steampunk set in late 19th century Italy is a really fresh take on the genre, in my opinion.Continue reading “Ink, Iron, and Glass (Spoiler Free)”

A Treacherous Curse (Spoiler Free)

  “She regarded him and counted only the damage; I saw only the places where he had stitched himself back together. What repelled her was to me the greatest part of him. Every mark that his suffering had left upon him was a must monument to his strength, the inhuman courage that had caused himContinue reading “A Treacherous Curse (Spoiler Free)”

Blood and Sand (Spoiler Free Review)

“‘Spartacus was a Thracian from the nomadic tribes and not only had a great spirit and great physical strength, but was much more than one would expect…’ Plutarch of Chaeronea, AD 100”  Title: Blood and Sand Author: C.V. Wyk Publisher: Tor Teen My Rating: 4 Stars *Synopsis taken from Goodreads* “Roma Victrix. The Republic ofContinue reading “Blood and Sand (Spoiler Free Review)”