Hope Writers – Last Day to Sign Up

Today is the last day to sign up for Hope*Writers! This is such a great writing opportunity where they help writers with the writing process, as well as with the publishing process! You can get great tips from best selling authors, AND one-on-one coaching with those in the industry! Check out the webinar to seeContinue reading “Hope Writers – Last Day to Sign Up”

Hope Writers- May Launch Re-Imagine 2020 (Tips for Writers)

Hey y’all! It’s that time of year again! This only comes around a couple times so I’m so excited to bring you Hope*Writers sign ups and writer’s opportunities! Links for sign-ups and freebies below! First of all, what is Hope*Writers?! We write meaningful words without sacrificing our meaningful life. We are still real writers evenContinue reading “Hope Writers- May Launch Re-Imagine 2020 (Tips for Writers)”

Hope Writers FREE Live Webinar Training for Writers

Just a quick post to let y’all know about this awesome opportunity for all you writers out there! This will be a FREE live training course led by one of the Hope*Writers founders! Plus, during the webinar, you will have a chance to grab ‘The Writers Income Guide’ available to only those who attend theContinue reading “Hope Writers FREE Live Webinar Training for Writers”

Hope*Writers Live Webinar

Hey y’all! I’ve got more writing opportunities this week! Today, Wednesday the 15, is when Emily P. Freeman will be going live with tips on how to start your writing career! Check out the details below. Sign up link is at the bottom! (It’s free!) From Dreaming to Doing: Stop Waiting, Start Planning, and FinallyContinue reading “Hope*Writers Live Webinar”