Hope Writers- May Launch Re-Imagine 2020 (Tips for Writers)

Hey y’all! It’s that time of year again! This only comes around a couple times so I’m so excited to bring you Hope*Writers sign ups and writer’s opportunities! Links for sign-ups and freebies below! First of all, what is Hope*Writers?! We write meaningful words without sacrificing our meaningful life. We are still real writers evenContinue reading “Hope Writers- May Launch Re-Imagine 2020 (Tips for Writers)”

Hope*Writers Open!

This just opened – but only through Friday! Hello! Quick note just to let you know that hope*writers has opened their doors to new members! This is my favorite online writing community because they are dedicated to the success and creativity of each member. It truly is the friendliest place for writers on the Internet.Continue reading “Hope*Writers Open!”

New Writer’s Opportunity – Hope*Writers

As some of you know, I am a Hope*Writers affiliate and I’m so excited to be offering a new video series/ writer’s opportunity! Let me share with you what they have available for struggling writers, and hopefully these resources will help you out during your writing journey! First up, online training! Next is 20 questionsContinue reading “New Writer’s Opportunity – Hope*Writers”

Hope*Writers Last Chance!

Quick note to let you know hope*writers is closing tonight. This is your last chance to join this monthly membership community to equip and encourage you in your writing journey. They only open the doors a few times a year so you won’t have another chance to join until next year. If you’ve dreamed aboutContinue reading “Hope*Writers Last Chance!”

How to Become a Published Author – Hope*Writer’s Opportunity

Please check them out if you are interested. Here are my links: Join Hope*Writers Webinar with Author Emily P. Freeman Quiz: hope*writer path Newbie’s Pocket Guide PDF Top 20 Questions Writers Ask – Answered So if you are at all interested in Hope*Writers, check out my links! Membership Enrollment opens today!

How to Become a Published Author: Hope*Writers

Hey y’all! I have some more exciting news for you writers! On Monday, May 20, Emily P. Freeman, co-founder of Hope*Writers, is hosting an online training class for writers called “How to be a Working Writer Without Losing Your Mind.” Hint: You don’t have to sell your soul, change your personality, or become a cartoonContinue reading “How to Become a Published Author: Hope*Writers”

Hope*Writers – An Exciting Writing Opportunity for YOU

I have a very exciting writers opportunity for YOU the next two weeks! I have partnered with Hope*Writers to give writers like you some advice and help when it comes to writing what you want, AND the process of writing and publishing! Cool, right?! I will list details below, as well as my affiliate linksContinue reading “Hope*Writers – An Exciting Writing Opportunity for YOU”