Hope*Writers Last Chance!

Quick note to let you know hope*writers is closing tonight.
This is your last chance to join this monthly membership community to equip and encourage you in your writing journey.
They only open the doors a few times a year so you won’t have another chance to join until next year.
If you’ve dreamed about writing a book, growing your blog, or just getting your words from out of your head and onto the screen, this is the member community for you.
Click HERE to learn more and join today!

How to Become a Published Author – Hope*Writer’s Opportunity

Hey y’all!
Quick note just to let you know that hope*writers has opened their doors to new members!
This is my favorite online writing community because they are dedicated to the success and creativity of each member.
It truly is the friendliest place for writers on the Internet.
Not only that, they also know how to get some serious work done.
Every week they offer live training for their writers, bringing members behind the curtain to ask editors, agents, authors, and other publishing professionals the questions you want to know.
Here are some of the people who have served the hope*writer community in the past:
Ann Voskamp (author, NYT bestselling author of One Thousand Gifts)
Andrea Doering (editor, Revell Books)
Anna LeBaron (book launch manager, author The Polygamist’s Daughter)
Amber C. Haines (author – Wild in the Hollow)
Annie F. Downs (author, podcaster, speaker)
Carolyn McCready (editor, Zondervan)
Carolyn Starr Rose (children’s author)
Cindy Bunch (editor, InterVarsity Press)
Chad Allen (editor, Baker Books)
Deidra Riggs (author – One)
Erin Loechner (author – Chasing Slow)
Hilary Yancey (author)
Ian Cron (author and Enneagram teacher – The Road Back to You)
Jamie Ivey (author and host of The Happy Hour podcast)
Jeff Goins (writer, entrepreneur)
Joshua Becker (Blogger. author)
Jenni Burke (literary agent, D.C. Jacobson)
Jennie Nash (book coach)
Jennifer Allwood (blogger + podcast host)
Jennifer Dukes Lee (author – Happiness Dare + speaker)
Jessica Turner (writer, entrepreneur)
Joseph Michael (Scrivener coach)
Kendra Adachi (teacher and writer – the Lazy Genius Collective)
Lisa-Jo Baker (author – Never Unfriended)
Matthew Paul Turner – (Children’s author)
Marion Roach Smith (author – The Memoir Project)
Mark Lane (cover design, Tyndale House)
Melanie Shankle (NYT bestselling author)
Rachelle Gardner (literary agent, Books & Such)
Ruth Chou Simons (author – Gracelaced)
Sally Clarkson (author, podcaster)
Seth Haines (author – Coming Clean)
Stephanie Smith (editor, Zondervan)
Tsh Oxenreider (author – At Home in the World)
Twila Bennett (marketing consultant)
Tim Grahl (book launch marketer)
All of these conversations are available right now inside hope*writers (and each week they add more!)
Hope*writers provides the training and guidance you need to become a working writer without selling your soul or self-promoting.
They are committed to giving you the tools and perspective you need to share your words without feeling like a cartoon.
So if you’ve ever wanted to write a book, grow your blog, or get your words out of your head and into the hands of a reader, this is the best place for you.
That’s the good news.
The bad news is hope*writers is only open for new members until this Friday.
If you feel like you’ve outgrown Google, ditch the robots and find your writing people!

Please check them out if you are interested. Here are my links:

Join Hope*Writers

Webinar with Author Emily P. Freeman

Quiz: hope*writer path

Newbie’s Pocket Guide PDF

Top 20 Questions Writers Ask – Answered

So if you are at all interested in Hope*Writers, check out my links! Membership Enrollment opens today!

How to Become a Published Author: Hope*Writers

Hey y’all! I have some more exciting news for you writers! On Monday, May 20, Emily P. Freeman, co-founder of Hope*Writers, is hosting an online training class for writers called “How to be a Working Writer Without Losing Your Mind.”

Hint: You don’t have to sell your soul, change your personality, or become a cartoon version of yourself to make it as a writer.

Emily is a Wall Street Journal bestselling author who knows how to hustle but hasn’t lost her heart. And good news! She loves talking to writers about writing.

If you’re a writer but you struggle to share your work in a way that feels like you, then you don’t want to miss this free training.

Plus – you’ll get to choose the time that fits you best.

Click HERE to save your spot!

Here are the other links you can check out as well!

Join Hope*Writers

Newbies Pocket Guide PDF (To know the publishing ins and outs)

Member Stories

Top 20 Questions Writers Ask

Quiz: Hope*Writer Path (What kind of writer are you?)

Hope*Writers – An Exciting Writing Opportunity for YOU

I have a very exciting writers opportunity for YOU the next two weeks! I have partnered with Hope*Writers to give writers like you some advice and help when it comes to writing what you want, AND the process of writing and publishing! Cool, right?! I will list details below, as well as my affiliate links to everything! There is also a GIVEAWAY going on for Instagram users! It’s over $100 of items in one gift basket! Woohoo!

Hope*Writers Website

Newbie’s Pocket Guide PDF

Member Stories

Top 20 Questions Writers Ask – Answered

Quiz: Hope*Writers Path

These are the prompts for the Instagram writers challenge! Just post a photo (even one that fits your theme!) and talk about the prompt for that day! Have questions? They are completely open to DM’s! I will also try my best to answer anything!

GIVEAWAY prize! They will choose a winner as long as you use their hashtag AND tag them! Good luck friends!

Their cart OPENS on MAY 21!