Madilla : Spirit of U’Katang Review (Spoiler Free)

Author: Ian B. Boyd Publisher: Ian B. Boyd Publication Date: March 14, 2018 Genre: Fantasy, Magical Realism (Maybe?) My Rating: 3 Stars Amazon “From her very first touch of the piano keys, Madilla feels a strange tingle of energy running through her fingers. In defiance of the customs of her people, she connects through theContinue reading “Madilla : Spirit of U’Katang Review (Spoiler Free)”

October TBR

Oh look. I’m late on posting my TBR again. Who is surprised? No one? Me either. Better late than never, here is my TBR!  Madilla by Ian B. Boyd I meant to read this last month but I got distracted by another book. So, I am back to currently reading this one! It’s really beautifulContinue reading “October TBR”