Review Policy

I would be more than happy to read and review your book! I have a few terms however, listed below.


I will read and review a book that is already out or an ARC. I will review Fantasy, Sci-fi, Historical Romance, New Adult, Young Adult, Middle Grade, even children (I have a toddler son!)!

I review on Amazon, Goodreads , and Instagram (which I will also take a photo of your book along with a short review there), and on my TikTok


Total Reach: 10,700

Instagram: 10,200

TikTok: 35

Goodreads: 174

Blog: 290

I do prefer physical copies of books, so I can also take photos of them for my Instagram, @Storied.Adventures However, I will accept an ebook if needed.

While I read a little bit of everything, here are the genres I really love to read: Fantasy, High Fantasy (I will read anything I can get my hands on that is fantasy!), Sci-Fi, Dystopian, Steam Punk, Historical Fiction, and Christian Romance. If it is another genre not listed, I still might read and review, I’m just a little pickier in other genres. 😛

I am an entertainment based blogger. I LOVE to be entertained.

I rate based on a Five Star rating system.

5 Stars: An absolute favorite. Kept thinking about it all the time. Will definitely reread. Will probably try to force my friends to read it right now.

4 Stars: Really liked this book. Will recommend to friends. But, probably won’t reread.

3 Stars: Liked the book but flawed. Probably continue series. Give the Author more chances.

2 Stars: Whew, this was hard to get through. Elements that I liked. But probably won’t finish series and be wary to read the Author again.

1 Star: Threw it across the room; hated it.

While I do my best to finish and review books in a timely manner, please understand that life sometimes happens!

Thank you!!

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